A three-month window for migrants living outside of Europe for permission to remain in Ireland has been opened by the government.

department of justice

In order to qualify for the new scheme, non EEA nationals must have held a valid student permission from 2005 to 2010 as well as not being on an alternative immigration permission since then. Up until the 20th of January 2019 applicants can apply for the new scheme if they have become undocumented from losing previous permission in the state however, if an applicant is succesful they will not be entitled to bring family members however, considerations are being taken by the Department of Justice in relation to this. Applicants must remain from criminal activity and reside in the country, as well as making an effort to gain employment. Minimum english skills must be acquired by the end of the two years as well.  They must also prove to be self-sufficient and an unreasonable burden on the state following the two years. €700 must be paid upfront by all applicants where €250 of it is non refundable.

-Sam Fitzsimons