Peter Casey has made a number of comments on Travellers over this past week.

During an interview with ‘The Floating Voter’ podcast on, Casey spoke about the Dail giving Travellers formal recognition as a Distinct Ethnic Group.

Casey said, “That’s a load of nonsense. They are not from Romany or whatever.”

“Can you imagine the brave person from Dublin that would say, ‘I’d love a lovely four-bedroom house with solar panels and beautifully kitted-out kitchens’?”

He continued to say, “Somebody needs to sit up and say this is nonsense. Here we are are giving them luxurious houses and they’re turning them down because they’ve no stables.”

The Current President, Michael D. Higgins spoke on ‘Morning Ireland’ in retaliation to Casey’s comments in which he claims it is very important to recognise “Traveller Ethnicity”.

-Noah Harte