There has been mixed reactions to DCU’s A&F Society suspension. Some believe that the suspension was extreme, others believe it was adequate and some believe it wasn’t extreme enough.

DCU’s Feminist society has called for the A&F Committee to resign.

The open letter from The Feminist Society states; “We are deeply concerned about the unspeakable conduct of the A&F Society governing executive committee at their EGM on Thursday 4th October and the lack of appropriate response thus far. It has come to light that the committee knowingly and repeatedly harassed multiple first year students continuously throughout the event, and in fact, that this harassment took prime focus of the event itself. ”

It adds: “Aside from the obvious fact that this gross misconduct has no part in the democratic election of a first year representative, this behaviour by all accounts constitutes harassment. This is not just a violation of the DCU Policy to Promote Respect and to Protect Dignity (2003) but a deeply serious violation of the trust placed in the A&F governing executive committee by its membership and the DCU student body at large. It is reprehensible that it was only when these issues were brought to public attention that any action was taken in response to this gross misconduct.”

30 Clubs and Society’s have endorsed the petition.

Intralink spoke to a vast amount of Students in DCU for their opinion on the Suspension and there are Students who believe the “The Punishment is Sufficient”, “people need to move on” and a myriad of other responses.

If you have any opinion on these events feel free to express your opinion in our comments section.

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-Noah Harte