The NTA (National Transport authority) has announced a number of fare changes today for Dublin Bus, Luas and Irish Rail.


CEO of the NTA Anne Graham stated that some fares will rise while some will be reduced. Under its BusConnects programme there will be two main leap fares ( for short journeys and travel across 90 minutes). The main fare changes will commence on December 1st. The main fare changes are as follows:

€2.60 Leap fare for over 13 stages will drop to €2.50 while the €2.15 Leap fare for journeys of 4-13 stages will increase to €2.25.

The €1.50 Leap fare will increase to €1.55 while the Xpresso Leap fare will increase from €2.90 to €3.00.

The €3.30 cash fare (over 13 stages) remains the same under the fare changes.

However, the €2.10 cash fare will increase to €2.15 (1-3 stages) while the €2.85 cash fare (4-13 stages) will increase to €3.00.

The Xpresso cash fare will increase from €3.65 to €3.80.

For Luas commuters there will be no more off-peak fares as well as the city centre off-peak €1 fare. Monthly Luas tickets will increase from €110 to €121 while annual tickets will increase from €1,100 to €1,210.

-Sam Fitzsimons