In response to Casey’s comments earlier in the week, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar hit out at the candidate saying: “In relation to the comments by Peter Casey, the presidential candidate, all I can say is I think his remarks were very divisive, I think they were designed to gain attention for him and his campaign, and I think that’s really regrettable.

“I hope when the people of Ireland come to Ireland to vote next Friday they will give Mr Casey and anyone who holds those views a very clear message.”

Peter Casey blasts Leo Varadkar, tells him to "Shut your trap" in response to Taoiseach's comments

However, according to the Irish Independent, Casey believes it was “totally out of order for the Taoiseach to get involved and make statements that impact the presidential election”.

He told the Taoiseach to “shut [his] trap”, went on to describe him as “being a member of an ethnic community himself” and “being Indian”.

-Noah Harte