Despite the Saudis’ denial of any involvement in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi for over two weeks, Saudi Arabia yesterday confirmed that its agents strangled Mr. Khashoggi during a fistfight inside the Consulate in Istanbul and that 18 men had been arrested in relation to the case.

One Saudi official said that those arrested included 15 men who were sent to confront front Mr. Khashoggi along with one driver and two consular staff members.

Intralink - Khashoggi 2

A Saudi official stated on Saturday that the agents had been sent to return Mr. Khashoggi (above) to Saudi Arabia but that the message had been misinterpreted and a confrontation ensued when Mr. Khashoggi saw the men. The official said that Mr. Khashoggi tried to flee, the men stopped him, punches were thrown, Mr Khashoggi screamed and one of the men put him in a chokehold, strangling him to death.

This particular version of events, released by the Saudi Government, has been met with widespread disbelief among the International community, particularly due to the fact that a Turkish investigation uncovered evidence that Mr. Khashoggi was dismembered by an autopsy expert, suggesting that the murder was premeditated.

-Daniel Potter