Venice has seen the worst flooding in decades over the last two days, heavy rain and extreme winds have battered the rest of the country resulting in 9 deaths.

Schools have been closed nationwide and authorities have warned against any unnecessary travel as weather warnings have been issued for most of the country.

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Two young people died just south of Rome when a tree hit their car, another person died in the town of Terracina when strong winds brought down a number of trees. Two other victims were a 21 year old man who was hit by a tree while walking in Naples and a woman who died after being struck by debris that flew off a building in the region of Liguria.

It has also been reported that a volunteer firefighter died while helping with the emergency response in San Martino in Badia, northern Italy.

Venice has also seen its worst flooding since 1979, provided the numbers are verified,  with waters rising 160cm above sea level at high tide.

-Daniel Potter