Friday 2nd November:

Peter Casey: 

Following the Presidential Election, Peter Casey will be on to discuss why he thinks he done so well along with his future plans in Politics and elsewhere.

Mary Robinson:

The former Irish President will talk about why we are at a crucial juncture in the battle to save the planet. She will also give Ryan her take on where she sees Ireland today and what is next for the country.

Andy Lee: 

He joins Ryan to discuss his move to Detroit from Limerick to pursue his boxing career, how he set about honing his craft, and what it was like to grow up in the Travelling community in both England and Ireland.

Jennifer Zamparelli:

It was confirmed recently that Jennifer Zamparelli will be co-presenting the new series of Dancing with the Stars and she’ll be on to talk about her new role as the new series gets ready to go.

David McWilliams:

He will discuss his new book, Renaissance Nation, and the wholesale shift in the way normal people see and think about themselves. He’ll also talk about Ireland’s economy.


-Noah Harte