Peter Casey was the finally individual to join Ryan last night.

Casey was discussing his Presidential Race and everything involved. Two Travellers were in the audience to give their view.

The first Traveller individual said Casey’s comments were “a thundering disgrace” and that the “State finally caught up with the fact that we are an ethnic minority”. She questioned Casey with “Why do you think it’s OK to punch down a people who are already marginalised and already victimised in this society?”

Casey replied saying that overall inclusion is not achieved by marginalising certain people, but by treating everyone as one.

Another Male Traveller then questioned Casey with “Why do you feel you have the responsibility to discriminate against a group of people?”

Casey stated that “I don’t discriminate”

Casey later said that when he visited Tipperary, he requested that he meet the head of the Tipperary Rural Travllers Project, Margaret Casey however, she denied his request.

-Noah Harte