Andrew Maxwell was on RTÉ’s Ray D’Arcy Show last night.

Speaking to D’Arcy, Maxwell spoke about The border issue and Brexit: “It’s just not been mentioned. I live in England, I’ve lived there years and in the whole Brexit debate, the border just didn’t come up. Or the impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland peace process, just didn’t come up.”

Maxwell then continue to tell a story which in his opinion sums up Anglo-Irish Relations.

Maxwell lives in Kent, and he told Ray about a time he was in a local steamroom. “We’re sat in the steamroom together, and he meant it in a friendly way. He wasn’t anti-Irish, he wasn’t bitter, and that’s what made it so crazy.”

“I was just left with me and him in the sauna, old boy, late 60s, and he already knew I was Irish. So he turned around to me and said ‘I bet you’re delighted! Being Irish!’

“And I was like ‘Yeah… Care to be more specific?’

“And he was like ‘Well now that we’re out of Europe, you’ll be next! And once Ireland is out of the EU… then you’ll be free to rejoin us!”

Andrew Maxwell shares a steamroom story that perfectly sums up Anglo-Irish relations

-Noah Harte