The Netherlands bans the Burqa in all public places

Aisha 18 and Alaa, 22, members of the group Kvinder I Dialog and wearer of the Islamic clothing the niqab, pass out flyers to promote their group's protest against the Danish face veil ban which will come into effect August 1, 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 31, 2018. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

The Netherlands has become the seventh country in Europe to ban the burqa and Niqab.

From the 1st of August anyone wearing a burqa in schools, public transport, hospitals and other public buildings will be fined €150.

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The Netherlands joins Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Latvia, and Bulgaria in banning the traditional Islamic clothing.

An estimated 5% of Hollands population are Muslim and is the second largest Religion in the nation.

-Noah Harte