US intelligence confirms China is moving troops to Hong Kong border


In a tweet on Tuesday evening US President Donald Trump announced that US intelligence services had information that China was moving troops to the border with Hong Kong.

The Chinese government already has between 6,000 and 10,000 troops living in Hong Kong as it is technically a region of China, despite its high level of autonomy.

The possibility of more troops moving into the city from across the border is a cause for concern for many Hongkongers as it increases the risk of deadly violence against what are, for the most part, unarmed protesters.

The video thread below appears to show the People’s Liberation Army of China heading towards Hong Kong from Shenzhen, a neighbouring city.

Although the violence in Hong Kong has come from both the police and the protesters, the Chinese government has been known to use deadly force in the past in order to end protests like the one that is ongoing.

We hope that such measures will not be taken again.

-Daniel Potter