Nóra Quoirin’s family hope that questions of their daughter’s death can be answered

Photograph: Lucie Blackman Trust/Family Handout/PA Wire

The parents of Nóra Quoirin have thanked Malaysian officials for their efforts to find their daughter, but added that they are “struggling to understand” the circumstances of her death.

In a statement on Friday the family said: “The initial post-mortem results have given some information that helps us to understand Nóra’s cause of death. But our beautiful innocent girl died in extremely complex circumstances and we are hoping that soon we will have more answers to our many questions.”

Nóra’s parents Seabastien and Meabh Quoirin at a press conference during the search for their daughter
Photograph: Royal Malaysia Police/Handout Via Reuters

Nóra’s body was discovered after a 10-day search, unclothed by a stream in a ravine on Tuesday, some 2km from where the family were staying.

Malaysian police announced on Thursday that the post-mortem indicated a haemmhorrage of the intestine, caused by stress and hunger, was the cause of death.

However, although the family are not questioning the accuracy of the post-mortem results, questions are still being raised around the circumstances of Nóra’s death, with her uncle saying: “How could she have survived for five days in the jungle without food or water, if you believe the theory that she left the hotel on her own?… We remain very dubious.”

-Daniel Potter