US officers who led black man on a rope will not face criminal charges


On Sunday US authorities announced that two white police officers, who led a black man through the streets of Galveston Texas while tied to a rope, will not face criminal charges.

Forty-three year old Donald Neely, who relatives say suffers from mental illness and often sleeps on the streets, was arrested earlier this month on a criminal trespassing charge.

When a police car was not available, mounted officers led Mr. Neely to a nearby staging area, while bound with a rope.

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The photograph of Mr. Neely being led away was captured by an onlooker, and has sparked worldwide attention, sparking outrage from many who claim it evokes images of slavery and racism.

Texas state’s Department of Public Safety conducted an investigation into the incident, but determined that “there was nothing that warranted a criminal investigation.”

-Daniel Potter